About Ebru -
Ebru is a traditional turkish fine art that is honored and collected around the world. Referred to as "paper marbling" in the western world, ebru is a process that is part painting and part mono-printing. This contemplative technique originates from the ancient far east where it was collected by royalty. Ebru evolved into a revered fine art on the journey across the silk trade route to Turkey where it is still practiced today. As ebru spread into Europe the art was utilized in designer clothing, and decorative liner for the authentication of legal parchments and first edition books.

The ebru mono-print technique uses a thickened water, known as size, on which the artist places paint by various methods, then works the colors on the size with a stylus, combs, and other methods to develop the designs. The mirror of the work is then carefully transferred onto treated paper, capturing the design by placing the paper on top of the size. When the paper is lifted off the size it takes the painting with it to create an original handmade one of a kind mono-print.

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